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What We Offer.

We offer several services that could benefit any size business no matter what stage of their growth. We provided services that can help build a business from the ground up or help your company grow and expand. 

    • Classic Website

      • We design your website using a theme on Wix Editor.​

    • Advanced Website

      • We develop your website from  top to bottom incorporating custom functionality and designs using the Editor X platform. ​

    • Migrate Website 

      • We will migrate your website your website onto the wix platform creating a one stop shop for all your business needs.  ​

    • Editor X Website

      • Editor X is the new design platform that allows for beautiful and dynamic design elements to make your website standout. ​​​

    • Redesign Website

      • We will redesign your website on the Wix platform as it is using the Wix Editor, or for a more dynamic website, Editor X. ​

    • Mobile Website​​

      • We design a mobile friendly website so that your website is available across multiple devices.​

    • Install Apps

      • Add plugins and different apps to increase the functionality of your project.

    • Site Updates

      • We update your site using Wix Editor or Editor X.

    • Connect Domain

      • We can connect any domain to your website. 

    • Custom Design & Behavior

      • We integrate unique integration into your website including animations, transitions, or sounds.

    • Database Management

      • We develop, manage, and integrate databases and their content into your project.  ​

    • Product Development & Management

      • We help you development, design, and sell various products on your website or app.

    • eCommerce shopping is the new trend in this modern tech driven world. Check out the following services to help you capitalize on the internet. 

      • Advanced Store Capabilities 

      • Store Settings

      • Store Optimization 

      • Store Setup 

    • Brand Development

      • We use our expertise to maintain, advise, and build the quality of your brand or business. 

    • Custom Logo

      • We design custom logo suited for your business or brand. ​

    • Visual Content

      • We research and discover images using AI photo generation programs. 

    • SEO

      • We integrate basic or advanced SEO which allows your website to show up on various search engines.​

    • Written Content

      • We help develop content and language for website content.​

    • Email Marketing/Campaigns

      • We help you create and run email campaign ​

    • Google Adsense Setup

      • We integrate Google Adsense to help generate revenue for your project.​

Packages & Plans

We offer a number of packages that promotes growth for brands and companies of all sizes.

  • Mobile Application Development​

    • Application Strategy 

    • Business Strategy / Requirements

    • Wireframing

    • Prototyping

    • Market Store Launch ( Apple Store / Google Play Store) 







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